“Waterfalls of Iran”

“Waterfalls of Iran”

* “Waterfalls of Iran”*
Water is falling from heights, it collides the stones and each drop becomes thousands pieces which spread into air by a soft breeze. This is a view of waterfalls which are one of the most enchanting attractions of nature. Among all countries, Iran is one of those which are blessed by these natural attractions in a vast variety.
Here we want to name some of the waterfalls in Iran which are worthy of visiting:
· Berenjeh waterfall in Aligoodarz county
· Latoon waterfall in Gilan Province
· Kamardoogh waterfall in Kohkiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province
· Nozhian waterfall in Lorestan Province
· Shevi waterfall in Dezful county
· Margoon waterfall in Fars Province
· Ab sefid waterfall in Lorestan Province
· Bisheh waterfall in Lorestan Province
· Shahandasht waterfall in Mazandaran Province
· Akhlmad waterfall in Khorasan Razavi Province
· Kabudvall waterfall in Golestan Province
· Visadar waterfall in Gilan Province
· Haft Abshar in Babol County
· Kerodikon Waterfall in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province
· Piran Waterfall in Kermanshah Province

*Berenjeh Waterfall; Shool Abad, Lorestan*
Berenjeh is one of the highest cataract of Iran. It is also known as Taaf. Berenjeh is formed in 3 parts and it has water during 4 seasons of a year. Except the spring which the amount of water is decreasing in other seasons, it is said that it’s a seasonal waterfall but locals don’t believe so. It is also said that this waterfall is the highest in Middle East and world’s 13 highest one but because the way to this waterfall is impassable, the measurement is not accurate and based on estimations.
The best time to travel here is springs because it’s lots of water there. In summer the cool air is still appealing, in fall the colorful view of leaves is eye-catching and in winter the weather is that much cold that water freezes. [image: image.png] [image: image.png] [image: image.png] [image: image.png] [image: image.png]
*Latoon Waterfall; Astara, Gilan province*
In the heart of the jungles of Gilan we head toward Latoon. We trek in this amazing jungle while we can see the magnificence of Latoon as we get closer. This waterfall with 105 meters height is located in 15 kilometers distance to Astara city. This four season waterfall is also in the list of world’s 30 scenic waterfalls. The water source is the Espinas Mountain. The jungle which we are going to pass is glorious 9 months of the year and it’s full of plums, hazelnuts, quince, walnut, pear and apples. The best time to travel to this area is from the end of winter to the end of spring because the climate there is sultry and it can be unpleasant other times of the year. [image: image.png] [image: image.png] [image: image.png] [image: image.png] [image: image.png]
*Piran waterfall; Shalan, Kermanshah Province*
Piran Waterfall, with a height of 100 meters, is located near Shalan Village which is 9 km from Sar-e Pol-e Zahab city in Kermanshah province. This imposing waterfall is surrounded by high rocks. The dance of colors is enchanting in this area. Piran waterfall is also known as Rizh-Avou which is Kurdish. This is a combination of Rizh and Avou which means falling and water. In Piran valley; figs, apricots and pomegranates are growing in enormous amount and the trees of plums and walnuts are making this picture more delightful.
The best time to travel to this area is summer because Kermanshah is located in cool and mountainous area, the warm weather of summer is pleasant for travelers. [image: image.png]
[image: image.png]
*Margoon Waterfall; Fars province*
Margoon is one of the most glorious waterfalls of Iran. The beauty of this one is because of the several fountains at the top, which the water comes out of them with high pressure. This waters which are coming out of the mountain join each other and make a river which ends in Komehr Lake. There is different ways to hike if you want to reach the waterfall; and the ways are covered with trees and rocks. The best times to travel to this area are spring and summer when the water temperature is moderate. In fall it is also cold but you can go if you dress properly, but in winter the weather is that much cold that the water freezes. [image: image.png] [image: image.png] [image: image.png]
*Nozhian Waterfall; Lorestan Province*
Nozhian Waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in Iran at the distance of 51km in the southeast of Khoramabad city in Lorestan Province. This waterfall is the highest one in Lorestan province. The area around is a promenade which is suitable for a family picnic in weekends. Before you arrive to our destination the beauty of oak jungles in Zagros makes you stop and have a look. The oak trees add a new color to this picture and makes it different. From 95 meters the water falling into a deep pond and makes Nozhian waterfall.
The best time to travel to Nozhian Waterfall is spring when it is full of water but in summer this amount decreases. In fall the colorful leaves makes this area more beautiful and in winter all the area is covered with snow but it is still eye-catching. [image: image.png] [image: image.png]
[image: image.png]
*Tips for your travel:*
· Waterfalls are natural attractions in all over the world; first thing to remember is not to blemish them. As a tourist or traveler make sure you left nothing as garbage in these places to keep them pristine.
· If you want to travel to these areas, make sure you choose the right shoes because the rocks are slippery surfaces and there is a high possibility for you to fall and hurt yourself.
· Choose the right season. It is right each season has its own beauties but do not travel to these areas in winter or fall unequipped.
· Treat the locals elegantly. Treat with respect and nice manners to locals will help you both.
*Things you need to pack:*
· Proper shoes
· Extra clothes in a case you get wet
· Sleeping bags with extra blanket
· Small sugary snacks
· Hygienic products
· Sunglasses, sunscreen, and lip balm
· Fire starter or matches
· Walking stick
· Waterproof jacket
· Multi tool
· First aid kit
· Proper backpack

Enjoy the beauties of waterfalls of Iran with Tlocals!

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