Hormozgan Province, Iran


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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 6 days
Maximum number of people: Unlimited
Location: Shiraz, Qeshm
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Explore Shiraz and 3 amazing islands with Tlocals!

Itinerary Day 1

Day 1: Our commencement will be from Tehran, we will pick you up at your hotel. After 12 hours, we will arrive in Hormuzgan province and we will head to Hormuz Island. Hormuz Island also knowing as Red Island is the only eatable island in Persian Gulf. You may be wondering about the word eatable, Hormuz island sands are used as salt or spice in foods. After a short break in our local hotel, we will visit the red sea. The reddish color of water and sands is because of the Iron ingredient.

Itinerary Day 2

Day 2: After Hormuz Island, we will head toward Gheshm in the morning after your batteries are full charged, since they are all located in south; it is only 2 hours distance. After hour arrival to Gheshm we will go to Castle restaurant for lunch and after settle down in Eram Hotel we will start our journey on Harra’s jungle.

For the afternoon, our destination will be Old Bazaar of Gheshm, where you can buy souvenirs. Also we will visit Gheshm shopping center so you can have a shopping tour as well.

For the night, we will go to Stars Valley; we will have a soiree around the fire.

Itinerary Day 3

Day 3: After two days visiting wonders of islands, 3rd day will be allocated to Hengam Island. Nakhl hotel is your host in Hengam Island. We will watch the dolphin’s dances in water and then a more dangerous animal. Then you will see Nopek Crocodile Park. And finally say goodbye to Hengam on silver beach of Hengam and we will head toward Shiraz in 4th days morning.

Itinerary Day 4

Day 4: we will head toward Shiraz, as you know Shiraz is a city full of wonders and attractions. On our arrival we will visit Eram Garden. We will have lunch in Soofi restaurant which is one of the best restaurants in Shiraz. After lunch we will have a short break in our hotel. In the afternoon we will go to Hafiz Tomb. Hafiz shrine is famous especially at nights when a breeze of fresh air with smell of flowers filled your lungs. After sunset we go back to hotel so you can make yourself ready for Persepolis.

Itinerary Day 5

Day 5: in day 5, Persepolis is our destination. The greatness of Iranian emperor on ancient times can be seen through the rocks of Persepolis. After breakfast we will go to Persepolis and the lunch will be served in one of the local restaurants. After Per polis we will go to shopping mall for your procurement and souvenirs. Shiraz is famous for its sweet called Yookhe. You can buy the well baked one in local shops.

Itinerary Day 6

Day 6: we will go to Nasir-ol Molk mosque as a goodbye to our journey and we will head back toward Tehran. We will arrive in midnight and you can go to your hotel.



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    As a matter of fact, Iran is a beautiful land with different kind of landscapes from north to the south and east to the west. But you can fully experience it on this tour, and I really appreciate Tlocals's effort and hospitality. I enjoyed the most, Qeshm Bazaar and the historical texture of Shiraz
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