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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 8 days
Maximum number of people: 8
Location: Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, Abyaneh, Kashan
Departure date:
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Stay with Tlocals to enjoy a trip to memorable cities of Iran.

Itinerary Day 1

Day 1 starts in Tehran. We’ll visit famous spots of the capital city of Iran, for instance Milad Tower, Azadi Tower, Golestan palace and Sa’adabad complex.  he English tour guide explains all the need-to-knows about the history and the origins.

Itinerary Day 2

Day 2, the destination is Kashan and the magnificent village of Abyaneh which attracts hundreds of tourists each year, Also a visit to the amazing Fin Garden and Agha Bozorg mosque. They both include Iranian’s historical buildings with amazing architecture . And they are famous spots for photographers to take amazing pictures.

Itinerary Day 3

Day 3 commences going to Isfahan, which is  worldwide-known for its rich history and culture. Since the city itself is historical many places will be visited, for example Naghshe Jahan square, several mosques with beautiful architecture, Chehel Soutoon and Alī Qapou.

Itinerary Day 4

Day 4: Our offer is the music museum of Isfahan to see traditional music instruments Iranian use. You can buy special Isfahan cookies , gaz, poolaki and artistic handicrafts as souvenir since we will visit Bazaar,too before going to Yazd.

Itinerary Day 5

Day 5: We will visit the traditional city of Yazd which has a specific construction in buildings. And also wonderful water reservoirs that lower the temperature of the water naturally. The best part is the visit of Amir Chkhmakh complex and Dowlat Abad Garden and it would be enough for one day.

Itinerary Day 6

Day 6: We will visit Jameh mosque of Yazd, Zoroastrian temple built in 1934 and Alexander’s Prison. Yazd has the most delicious gateaus and beautiful muddy sculptures that are good presents as souvenir.

Itinerary Day 7

Day 7: Our trip in the last days goes to the most important historical spot of Iran, Shiraz. Shiraz is the hometown of many iconic Iranian characters . Also Poets like Hafiz and many others. Shiraz is significant for the rise of Persian Empire and Cyrus the Great. Nasir-ol Molk mosque with stunning colorful glasses, Tomb of Saadi, Perspolis and Pasargad are the next places.

Itinerary Day 8

Day 8, you will be transferred to Tehran and to your hotel to have a rest before your flight. If you are having a flight soon, we can transfer you to the airport.





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  • Trip to Iran: Tours and Experiences with Locals

    Rahul Eden

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    "Hidden gems revealed 🇮🇷"
    I enjoyed all seconds of my trip, it was an unforgettable tour which honestly speaking I couldn’t expect before, thank you.
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