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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 8 days
Maximum number of people: 6
Location: Tehran, Isfahan, Tabriz, Gilan
Departure date:
Return date:


Are you interested in tasting new foods and travel at the same time? Well this food tour of Tlocals is exactly for you.

Itinerary Day 1

Day 1: Your arrival, we will transfer you to the hotel we considered for you and you can take rest for starting our journey.

Itinerary Day 2

Day 2: Our trip commencement will be from Tehran and one of its most beautiful places Golestan palace. For the lunch we will go to Muslem restaurant, which is one of the oldest and best restaurants in Tehran serving Iranian dishes, you can order Koobideh which is grinded meat and onions cooked on fire which is Iranian national dish or any other Persian food.

For dinner we will have a cooking class for Dizi, it’s a kind of stew which people normally eat with Sangak bread and pickles. The workshop to learn how to cook Dizi will be enjoyable for you since it has a traditional way and dishes.

Itinerary Day 3

Day 3: Masooleh in north is our destination for this day. More than the beauties of this small city, the local foods like Mirza Ghasemi, Ash-e-doogh and different Kebabs can be an attraction for our tour. For lunch we will have Ash-e-doogh in one of the local restaurants and afternoon will be your free time for surfing around the village.

You will have dinner in our workshop of cooking Mirza Ghasemi. This amazing dish with eggplant and tomatoes served with Sabzi, pickles and Sangak bread.

Overnight Masooleh

Itinerary Day 4

Day 4: We will head toward Guilan. North with its great climate and delicious and unique foods can be a good destination for our journey. As we arrive we will go to our hotel or villa for settling and in the afternoon we will go to Anzali Lagoon. For dinner we will go to a local restaurant for Anarbij and Baghalaghatogh. Anarbij is a local food that Iranians make it by pomegranate and it’s so much like Fesenjaan. For desert we will have Reshteh Khoshkar which is a kind of sweet with nuts and it’s fried in butter or oil.

Overnight Guilan

Itinerary Day 5

Day 5: On 5th day we will go to Tabriz. For lunch, we will be in a workshop of cooking Dulma, It is stuff like rice and vegetables filled in bell peppers and grape leaves and a combination of flavors and the atmosphere will be unforgettable. Then we will go to our hotel for settling down. For the afternoon we will go to El-Goli Park. Dinner will be Tabrizi Kofteh which is their local food in one of the greatest restaurants of Tabriz. For dessert we will have Khagine Tabrizi.

Overnight Tabriz

Itinerary Day 6

Day 6: After breakfast, we will have a workshop for fruit pottage. It’s another local food of Tabriz made by fruits and it’s delicious. After lunch and a short break we will go to Bazaar of Tabriz. Dinner will be Carrot stew, you will have it with rice and it’s another food which you can find the best in Tabriz.

Overnight Tabriz

Itinerary Day 7

Day 7: At the early morning we will head toward Isfahan so we may be there for lunch. After settling down we will go to Farshad Beryani for lunch. Beryani is a local food of Isfahan contains meat. In the afternoon we will take rest in our hotel and for night we will go to a local house for cooking class. We will learn how to make Kalejoosh which is an easy and delicious soup of central cities of Iran like Isfahan and Arak. At night we will go to Naghshe Jahan square where you can buy souvenirs and handicrafts of Isfahan.

Overnight Isfahan

Itinerary Day 8

Day 8: We will head toward Tehran. We can transfer you to Imam Khomeini International Airport for your flight to your country.


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    "Taste of Paradise "
    Iranian cuisine is a piece of heaven and this tour perfectly shows it to you. Although it is much vast since Iran is a vast country with different cultures and food habits but it really worth to try with Tlocals professional team. Thanks
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