Gilan Province, Iran

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Tour type: Specific Date
Maximum number of people: 7
Location: Tehran, Gilan
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Expolre Gilan and Tehran with Tlocals to enjoy amazing nature and culture of Iran along local lifestyle!

Itinerary Day 1

Day 1: Your arrival to Tehran, our guide from Tlocals will come and pick you up from IKIA. We will go to our settling hotel so you can leave your luggage there and take a break. At night we will go to a restaurant to welcome you and you will get to know your travel mates. We will have dinner at Milad tower which is the tallest tower in Iran and then we will have a tour of Milad tower, at night the highest floor is a good choice for watching stars. After that we will go to our hotel for spending the night.

Overnight Tehran

Itinerary Day 2

Day 2: In the morning after breakfast we will go to Azadi tower. This is the landmark of Tehran and Iran, we will visit a museum and then we will have lunch. In the afternoon we will go to Golestan complex, this palace from Qajar era has one of the most eye catching buildings in Iran. Our guide from Tlocals will give you the explanation related to the each part of it. For night we will go to Tabiat Bridge. This bridge connects two parks to each other, Taleghani and Ab-o-Atash. Tabiat means nature in Persian. At night we will go back to our hotel for recharging our batteries for another day of our trip.

Overnight Tehran

Itinerary Day 3

Day 3: In the early morning we will head toward Gilan, this province in north has some natural attraction which are worthy of visiting. As we arrive we will go to Rudkhan castle, we will get our rooms there and then we will go to ascend the castle. This castle was built by Gilaks to defend against Arabs. It has about 1000 stone stairs and all in jungle. On our way we will have lunch at the traditional restaurants, Mirza Ghasemi or Ash-e-doogh are the best choices. We will spend the night at the unforgettable nature of Rudkhan castle area.

Overnight Gilan

Itinerary Day 4

Day 4: In the morning after a nourishing breakfast with local dairies we will head toward Anzali Lagoon. We will go to a place which is less crowded and we have the boats to surf around this lagoon. After lunch in one of the locals’ restaurant which is BaghalaGhatogh we will head toward Masooleh. This city is famous because of its architecture and the colorful bazaars it has. We will spend the night in Masooleh as we are close to stars and you can enjoy the view of a clear sky full of stars. The taste of local foods in this area will stick in your mind forever.

Overnight Masooleh

Itinerary Day 5

Day 5: In the morning we will go to Latoon waterfall. This waterfall is located in Astara. We will make Jooje Kebab for your lunch and you can enjoy the taste in the nature. After 3 hours, when we finished taking photos and we had a small walk around this waterfall we will head toward Tehran. We can transfer you to IKIA or your settling hotel as you like.

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  • Trip to Iran: Tours and Experiences with Locals

    Emile Zack

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    "Urban and rural at the same time"
    Thank you for granting us such an exclusive tour, before I used to think Iran is not that safe but now, not only I think that is really safe but also It turned to my favourite country ، love you and your amazing guide.
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