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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 8 days
Maximum number of people: Unlimited
Location: Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kashan
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 Wonderful trip to Persia

8-days trip to Persia:

Frist day:

Arriving in Tehran Airport, you are welcomed and assisted by our representative and will be transferred to your hotel to get ready for a week of adventure in this magical land. O/N TEHRAN

2nd day:

We go on a full-day tour of the capital, Tehran. First, we will have a walking tour through old Tehran and will visit the old Gate of Tehran, The National Archeological Museum, Golestan Palaces, Imam (former Royal) Mosque and the Grand Bazaar which is a large roofed old shopping complex. After Lunch we will visit the unique jewelry collection at the National Treasury. We will then get more familiar with Persian Carpets at the Carpet Museum and will have a visit to Saadabad Palace. In the evening we fly to Shiraz. We will have the opportunity to visit Shah Cheragh (Lord of Light) mausoleum in the evening with its shining unbelievable mirror work. O/N SHIRAZ

3rd day:

After breakfast we start our city tour of Shiraz. We will start by Karmikhani complex, the residential palace of Zand dynasty. Karim Khan Zand, the founder of Zand dynasty choose Shiraz as his capital and declared himself as “Vakil”, the lawyer of the nation, rather than king. We continue Vakil complex comprising of Vakil Mosque, Bazar and public bath remaining from his reign. We also visit the colorful Nasirolmolk mosque. After Lunch we continue our tour by visiting the beautiful garden of Eram, the tombs of famous poets, Hafez and Saadi and finally Quran Gate. O/N SHIRAZ


4th day:

This morning we leave Shiraz for Isfahan and will visit en-route the most magnificent city of the ancient world, Persepolis, which is now registered as a UNESCO world heritage site. Persepolis was the ceremonial capital of the Persian Empire during Achemaenian era. The site, 125,000 area is composed of various reception halls and palaces, private palaces, royal treasury and fortifications. where we find the tomb of Cyrus the great and remains of Achaemenian palaces and edifices. We continue our trip by visiting Naghsh-e-Rostam, the Achaemenian royal necropolis and Pasargadae where we find the tomb of Cyrus the great and remains of Achaemenian palaces and edifices. You will also stop by the camps of some nomadic communities to observe their customs and intersting life-style. We stay the night at our hotel in Isfahan. O/N ISFAHAN



5th day:

After breakfast, we start our half-day tour of Isfahan at the UNESCO world heritage site of Naghsh-e-Jahan Sq., once a royal polo court, this site has been the official center of the city, when the city was the Safavid Capital (17th Century). We visit the famous Imam Mosque (Royal Mosque), located the southern side of the square with wonderful architecture and tile-work. We then visit the multi-story Aliqapu Palace, stood on the western side of the square, from which the Safavid kings used to view the polo games and ceremonies. Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque (or Ladies Mosque) is located on the opposite side of the square and is visited next. We will stroll through the traditional bazaar surrounding the square, before we gather again for the lunch. The bazaar which goes deep to the north is known traditionally as Qeysarieh bazaar. Afternoon is free for rest and personal programs O/N ISFAHAN


6th day:

We start another half-day tour by visiting the Mosque followed by Chehelsotun (forty columns) palace. You will then visit Vank Cathedral and the Armenian quarter of the city. We will then head to the banks of Zayanderud river, the soul of the city. There are several historical bridges over this river, erected during the Safavid era (17th Century). Siosepol (33-arch) and khaju bridges are the most famous ones. We enjoy visiting these two interesting bridges, drinking tea at the tea house below the bridge, walking along the river bank or paddle on a boat from one to the other. We can return back to the hotel or enjoy this pleasant environment for more time. O/N ISFAHAN


7th day:

On this day we will visit Aghabozorg mosque and school, which is one of the historical and touristic attractions of Kashan, this mosque and the school is one of the most magnificent and most beautiful mosques of the Qajar period in Iran. Then we will go to the Amerian house, one of the oldest and largest residential complexes in Kashan is the House of Amerian dating back to Zandie era. In the Qajar period, Sahamo-saltane-Ameri rebuilt and developed it. The area of this complex is 9000 square meters with a substructure of 12,000 square meters and consists of seven central exterior and interior courtyards and guest house.

After that we will see Borujerdiha house. The house was built in the Qajar period and its architect is one of the most prominent architects of Iran, as well as ultra-interesting and unique windbreakers, which, in terms of design and execution, are considered to be the great works of traditional architecture. Finally, we visit Timche Aminodole and the Fin Garden. These two places are definitely two of the best and most beautiful places you have ever seen. The architecture of both of them will make you feel being over the moon.


8th day:

We will drive to Tehran today (total 425 km.) O/N TEHRAN


*. Airport transfer is available 4 hours before your flight’s departure.


1st day             Arrival in Tehran

2nd day            Tehran : Full-day City Tour Shiraz flight

3rd day             Shiraz : Full-day City Tour

4th day             Shiraz Persepolis Isfahan bus

5th day             Isfahan : Half-day City Tour

6th day             Isfahan : Half-day City Tour

7th day Hlf day city tour

8th day  Full-day City Tour Kashan Tehran bus : Departure


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