Bandar Abbas, Hormozgan Province, Iran


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Tour type: Specific Date
Maximum number of people: 6
Location: Tehran, Kish Island, Qeshm
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Explore South of Iran in 8 days with Tlocals! (Qeshm, Hengam, Kish and Bandar abbas)

Day 1: Your arrival to Tehran. After a couple of hours resting we will transfer you to Mehrabad airport for our flight to Qeshm. Since we arrive there at night and there would be no time for a tour, we will go straight to our hotel; Soreint in Qeshm. And after settling you can go out to have a time for wandering the neighborhood or maybe a little window shopping.

Day 2: Today our destinations are Harra Jungle (Avicenna marina) and stars valley. Antiquity of this jungle is over million years and people call it the miracle of nature. A great amount of trees and their roots are under water and when the water surface is up it almost cover them and suddenly by decreasing it; the view of jungle will appear out of blue and amaze the visitors. After dinner we will go to have a short break and we will head toward stars valley.

In belief of local people, once a star fell in this area and shaped the rocks as if it’s the view of other planet not earth. Stars valley is about 2 million years old. This natural attraction has been recorded as a part of Geo-park of Iran in UNESCO. Some of the locals believe that this area is a commuting road for Genes and ghost but the truth is the breeze of air between the rocks makes some voices similar to them. Because of the view of stars in sky at night we chose to visit this place after sunset. We will have a fire gathering and then we will go back to our hotel for another day of our journey.

Overnight Qeshm

Day 3: Naz Island and Khorbas cave are where we head toward them today. Naz Island is in southern side of Qeshm. In some areas with low level of water you can see colorful sands and seashells in the beach. There are different activities like paraglider and boating in this part of area.

Khorbas cave, where we visit after lunch, is both natural and manmade attraction. It is said that this old cave may have been used as a system to warn the people and the militaries in ancient times. Khorbas cave is famous because of its architectural design of rocks.

Overnight Qeshm

Day 4: We will go to Hengam Island which is near Qeshm afterward and for 2 days we will surf around this magnificent place. After settling down in local houses we will go to the silver beach of Hengam. Some minerals which are between sands make the view of this silver beach. Because of tourists may harm this beach and for the sake of the beauty of this beach in past few years they may forbid us to walk in this area but we can still boating across the beach and enjoy the shining landscape. At night we will go to luminous beach. At nights the water shines like fluorescent, and this is because of phytoplanktons in the water. These small creatures light up when they are in unstable situation and make water waves and sands glowing as well.

Overnight Hengam

Day 5: Watching dolphins and bazaar surfing, along with a great meal made by local women of Hengam. If you have children this part of our journey may be the most interesting one to them. Playing with dolphins and watching them dance in the water may be a good hobby for them. We will have lunch while watching these amazing and smart animals.

Bazaar of Hengam is one of the greatest and most traditional bazaars across Iran. Sellers with local costumes, sell their handicrafts made by shells. This is not a place only for buying. You can sit and listen to the locals tell stories about Persian Gulf. Shrimps and fishes made by locals will be our dinner around fire, while we are listening to the sound of sea.

Overnight Hengam

Day 6: Kish is the third and last island in our tour. We stay for a night in Toranj hotel which located in the sea and stand in the water by wooden piles. Kariz underground city is our first destination for today, it is also an archeological museum in Kish. It has a restaurant so our lunch will be in this mysterious underground city. Having a coral roof with lots of fossils, water and the cool air are the characteristics of this attraction. In Kariz restaurant we will eat Bandari local Food called Madfoone. It is fish at the bottom of pot and rice and other stuff on it. It is delicious food and since fish are caught fresh it is tastier even.

The Greek ship, which is nickname of a cargo steamship behead in Kish is our last stop in Kish. This highlighted attraction of Kish Island has its double beauty in sunset time, while sun is slowly moving to west in the background of this ship on water. This ship which we know as Greek ship stopped in Persian Gulf on July 26th of 1966 and from that time till today it is still in the same place, the crew tried so much to make it move but after their fail, they abandoned the ship. Considering the point that the possibility of sinking in every second is high, this ship worth seeing.

Overnight Kish

Day 7: After leaving Kish we will go to Bandar Abbas. Hormoz hotel is our host for one night. We will go to Hindu temples and Galeh dari Bathhouse which is a museum, too. In Hindu temples there are some accessories made by wood, bone and elephant’s ivory, moreover there are some paintings of old Gods of Hindu.

Gale dari bathhouse is the only old bath remained in Bandar Abbas, this place was used in Ghaajaar era, after some time being abandoned the cultural heritage Organization rebuilt it and transfered it into archeological museum.

Overnight Bandar Abbas

Day 8: The last day of our journey will be ended up with going to Ganoo mineral water fountain. This can be a good ending for our trip and after that we will go to Bandar Abbas bazaar for buying the souvenirs of this city which are normally fish, pickles, date and handicrafts. Afterward we will go to Bandar Abbas airport for our flight to Tehran. We can transfer you from Mehrabad to Imam Khomeini international airport for your flight to your country.

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