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Yazd, Yazd Province, Iran


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The word "yazd" means God. Due to its remote location close to desert, it was intact for centuries and even Mongols did not touch it. Back in time, when Arabs conquered Persia, Yazd was one of a few cities, where Zoroastrians was the dominating religion. Marco Polo visited Yazd almost 750 years ago. Now it is an adobe and mud brick created city with narrow streets that was frozen in time and partially abandon, because some of people died, some people move to modern houses. It is nice to walk around and see how history changes everything. Try to get to a few rooftops and see how the city looks like from above, we will experience it in Art house of Yazd together.Let's explore it!


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  • Trip to Iran: Tours and Experiences with Locals

    Chlo Earthy

    1 Review
    "Definitely worth to see"
    Here we could pass trough the time,back to the hundreds of years ago. Moreover you can be familiar with the lifestyles of people from far far past eras along enjoying the great architecture.
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