How it works?

How it works

Every person on the earth is unique because he did not live like no other person. He did not exactly go to the same places and did not eat exactly the same food. He did not have the same family and culture and so on. So let’s share our experiences together so we can live our lives twice or more. Let’s open our hearts and our lives to strangers. Our mission is to connect locals in Iran and travelers through unique experiences, amazing activities, and fantastic tours. Then, let’s learn how to get started and see how it works?

  1. Tlocals has given travelers to Iran the best ways to meet locals while traveling to Iran and an excellent opportunity to get very valuable and beautiful experiences with locals. This includes various tours, activities,  and experiences which can be shared with travelers to have a real feeling for a city and its culture.
  2.  Tlocals provides an unique opportunity to support the local communities when you travel to Iran.  This is to make sure that our money goes to the local community to support  the economy of the locals in Iran. This indeed is a good support for them to keep doing their work.
  3.  You will undoubtedly make great friends from Iran along the way.

1 As a local create a partner profile

Do you want to offer a tour or activity? If you have a golden hand in a work, or wanna show things to your future friends from all over the world you can simply accompany them in what you are passionate about.  As local people you can always offer experiences and your skills to travelers.

  • If you don’t have a profile yet, to get your tour or activity listed in our website, first simply register as a partner on our website.
  • To do that, please press the ‘Account’ button on the right side of our website and then click on ‘Sign up’ bottom. Select partner option for the user.
  • Fill the required information in your registration process in just a minute.
  • Congratulation! You are a member of our family.
  • Now you can manage your profile by logging in using your username and password.
  • To offer unique experiences and amazing tours, please select find ‘Tour’ or ‘Activity’ tabs on the left side of your dashboard. ‘Add new tour’ and ‘add new activity’ tabs are used to create new experiences for travelers to Iran. Give details about the tour and activity you are offering. Please do not forget that providing more accurate information and professional photos will be more helpful to make your experiences visible. Please fill in all the necessary information and don’t forget to add the location of your tour or activity.
how it works
  • This information will appear here on the website, so please spend time  to explain in detail what you are offering. Please remember that having a complete profile is the best way to connect with travelers.
  • Set your own price. The good news is you have a great deal of flexibility in how you set your prices. However, setting a price that is too high or too low will limit your business growth.
  • Set a date for your tour and activity. You decide when you want to offer your activity and tour.
  • Now, your profile and also your unique experience are created for you on the Tlocals website. You can have access to your profile and edit your details any time you like. You will also be able to manage your calendar and bookings via the website.
  • Receive the bookings!

3  As a traveler book an experience


We do believe that you as a traveler to Iran deserve the best experiences and unique tours. Simply enter where you want to go and your desired travel dates into the search engine to discover a list of amazing experiences in Iran. Afterwards, following the instruction below you can create your own profile to book tours and experiences that may be of interest to you. Finally, you can book tours and activities for the date the host has put up as available and receive instant confirmation of your booking.

Now you are on the right path to explore the wonders of the Iran, just SIGN UP!

  • Please press the ‘Account’ button on the right side of our website and then click on ‘Sign up’ bottom. Select normal user option for the user. Fill the required information in your registration process.
  • Welcome to our tlocals family.
  • Now, you are able to manage your profile by logging in using your username and password. You can also have an overview on your booked tours and activities and additionally an awareness of its process whether it is pending, completed, incomplete, or cancelled? (through your booking history tab).
  • Your assistance is always appreciated by leaving a review for our services. This will be definitely very helpful and constructive.
  • There is no need to mention that regardless of the type of profile you have, you can always change your profile photo and other personal information in the setting menu. Moreover, there is Wish list section in order to well organize your favorites and activities that may be of interest to you.
  • Please make sure about tours or activities conditions and information which you are going to choose. Please do not forget to check the cancellation policy each time you intend to book an experience due to the fact that this might be different from one by one.
  • At the end, have fun with your friends and wish you a great stay in Iran.