“Camping in nature” (Part 1)

“Camping in nature” (Part 1)

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Before people live in cities and urban areas they were mostly nomads. In other word they were living in tents and camps. After the urbanization and the industrial revolution people moved to towns and the cities grew at rapid rates. Nowadays people camp in different places, mostly nature on weekends and for spending time with their family or friends.
*What is camping?*
There are many types of camping. Some people may believe that their way of camping is the real one but the truth is there is no elitism. To go out of civilization and into nature, to set up a campsite and spending the night are what makes Camping. Just go to nature and set things up, in other word set things which make you feel comfortable. The meaning of this word can be varied in different minds and that’s not a big deal. Some may be interested in camping in wild nature while others prefer to meet other camping families.
*What should* you* do during camping?*
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If this is the first time that you want to camp somewhere, you may not think of unexpected things may happen. Before you start your camping trip check out these questions with your family or companions:
· Where is your destination?
· What you are going to eat?
· Where you are going to sleep?
· How do you cook?
· Where will you use as restroom?
· How do you keep yourself clean?
· What do you do for fun?
· What will you do if it rains?
· How do you stay safe?
· What if you get sick? You may like to hit the road with no plans but pay attention that if you plan and answer the questions above, you can expect unfortunate events less. One thing that is mentionable about what happens during camping is that you will learn a lot; about nature, about your strengths, weaknesses, and limitations, and what it means to be self-reliant.
*How to choose a place for camping?*
If you are a “nature person” you don’t care where to go while camping. You just spot a place and go, even for several hours and if it gets dark you may put your tent in the middle of trail. There is no problem with this idea if it is just one night but for more it’s better to plan before your trip.
If you want to camp make sure it has:
· A source of water
· A flat place to pitch the tent
· An open area where your kid can run around freely
Be sure that if you choose your camping spot before your trip you will enjoy your plans and trip much more.
*Priorities *
No matter that you are going to camp with your family or friends or even alone, you should clarify your priorities. Here are some features which you can get help to make them clear:
*Accessibility *How you are going to get there? Do you want to just drive up to it? Is there a distance to walk? If so, should you carry your stuff to your camping spot yourself or is there another way?
*Water* this is something vital as you are camping! If you are going to camp in a spot you need a water source because you cannot carry all the amount of water you need, and then you require to find a way to filter it. Otherwise, you must be able to carry all the water you will need, and this is a heavy weight and you will be exhausted!
*Toilet* this is something you should decide before your trip, how are you going to use a toilet there?
*Food *is there a restaurant nearby? Or are you going to bring all the food you need? It is better to provide can foods.
*Privacy and Seclusion* Do you prefer to go to a crowded area or you wish to be alone to feel comfort? If you prefer solitude you’ll probably have to walk a long distance. But if you want to company other people you can find it almost anywhere. [image: image.png] [image: image.png] [image: image.png] [image: image.png]

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