“Animal species in Iran” (Part 1)

“Animal species in Iran” (Part 1)

Iran has a unique nature, climate and biodiversity which cause some of the most especial and exclusive animal species to choose this land as their living place. Some of them are in danger of extinction and they are the last survivors of their kinds. From Pallas’s cat to the smallest kind of seals, join us to meet the most infrequent kinds of animals in Iran.
*Pyrenean ibex * This is one of the most picturesque and rare animals which was hunted by many hunters. The meat of this animal is that much delicious that some cannot avoid hunting it and another reason for its extinction is constructing ways on mountains which are the habitat of this animal. [image: image.png] [image: image.png] [image: image.png]
*Persian fallow deer*
The Persian fallow deer is one of the most enchanting animals in Iran which lives in foothills. Unfortunately this animal is in danger of extinction because of uncontrolled hunting and the nature pollution with garbage which causes this animal to eat rubbish. Another name for this animal is Dama Mesopotamia. Their olfactory and sight system is powerful and they are normally live as a group. In the past they widespread in Lorestan, Kermanshah and Khuzestan but nowadays they cannot be found in nature and kept in special places so maybe one day they can return to their habitats. They can be found in Mazandaran province, Ashk and Kabudan Island in Urmia, Kish and Lavan and Fars province. [image: image.png] [image: image.png] [image: image.png] [image: image.png]
*Pallas’s cat* You may have heard about Persian cats which are famous all over the world because of their beauty. Here are other exclusive kinds of cats called Pallas. This cat unlike others is wild and one of their special characteristics is the shape of their eye pupil which is completely round. This amazing kind lives in heights and they have a small size. They have the longest and strongest fur among all cats. They are able to produce a different spectrum of sounds which are similar to dogs. They normally live in central Asia and in north east of Iran, in North Khorasan province and in Esfarayen, Raz and Jargalan County. [image: image.png]
[image: image.png] [image: image.png]
*Caspian seal*
The Caspian seal is one of the smallest members of the earless seal family and it is found exclusively in the Caspian Sea. These seals are the only mammal lives in Caspian Sea. Their hunting by sea eagles and gray wolves and water pollution are the reasons of their extinction. In spring and summer they emigrate to the southern part of Caspian Sea and in fall and winter they emigrate to the northern part. [image: image.png] [image: image.png] [image: image.png]

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